Accountancy Jobs Group

This domain portfolio is for sale

The Accountancy Jobs Group is a domain portfolio for sale. There are 82 keyword domains in the group collectively generating a significant number of unique visitors per month looking for accountancy jobs in their Town, City, County or Country.

The opportunity

The portfolio attracts highly targeted traffic that could be used for both display advertising and traffic aggregation.

Display advertising
Each site currently offers 8 banners slots on each of 17 accountancy related job disciplines and across multiple towns within that region giving rise to an estimate of over 200,000 banner ad spaces across the network. If these banners were sold at just £5 per month that would generate display advertising revenue in excess of £12m per year!

Traffic aggregation
With many organisations paying between £1 – £3 per candidate registration or job application, just 8,000 unique visits per month could be converted to over £160k revenue per month from just 10 clients generating circa £2m per year.

With over 50 of the 82 domain names not yet having reached page 1 of Google, the current visitor statistics are way below the potential capacity of the portfolio. We would expect each of the domains to follow the trends of the earliest registered domains within the group, naturally progressing to above the fold on page 1 of Google and therefore a significant increase in visitor statistics.

Making an offer

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